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Fantasy Fortune Teller

Game by: Pichichama for Rinmaru Games

I’m so happy to present this beautiful game by Rinmaru, where you can customize your Romani fortune teller to predict events and stuff uwu. Start with the genetics such as a skin tones, could be an elf or an orc fortune teller, because there’s also a variety of ear choices! Enough nose options and you can choose where to place the face moles. Different beautiful eye shapes, eyebrows and lips that you can colour! Add freckles, blushing and colour your nails, and more uwu! The hairstyles are just pretty and there’s a whole variety to choose from. Freely mix and match tops and bottoms of all kind perfect for a beautiful fortune teller! Then add mystical necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and some head garments for the true fortune tellers! You can choose how she’ll predict the future: tarot card reader, runes, COFFEE READER!, pendulum? There’s more! The background options are mystically cool and diverse! Enjoy creating!

Tags: rinmaru - pichichama - fantasy - elves - medieval - ruffle - mobile - anthro - character creator - dnd - magicians - historical - renaissance - traditional dress - europe - romani

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