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Hanfu Fairy Princess
Game by: ColorGirlGames

It looks to me like somebody's been hacking caihongtang games, what do you guys think, haha? The original title is Wonderland Fairy Princess but that seems like an odd choice. But the game is actually quite good! You can dress up the girl in beautiful hanfu, mix and matching both full sets, and separates. There is a dazzling selection of hairstyles and each piece and be dragged into place individually, creating infinite combinations. My favourite part are the headdresses! There are also nice earrings and necklaces. When you're done, choose one of the ethereal backgrounds and drag and drop mystical creatures such as dragons and huli jing foxes! There are so many amazing combinations and items, you can make endless hanfu-clad princesses, goddess or deity!


Beautiful Chinese fairy


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