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Hobbit Scene Makerthe hobbit dress up scene maker game
Game and Art by: Doll Divine & Azalea's Dolls

This game is a sub-portion of the much larger, Lord of the Rings & Hobbit Scene Maker.

In the heart of Middle Earth's Shire, along The Water river, lies the peasant village of Hobbiton. This dress up game invites you to come along for a stroll in the garden and live like a hobbit for a little while. Create both male and female characters, complete with pointy ears and hairy feet! Both genders have quaint clothing with both regal and country patterns and wide selection of colours. Choose from the backgrounds of daytime & night time Bag End, Hobbiton village and Bilbo's front door. Finalize your look with a wide selection of drag and drop items, including hair pieces, food, Pippin's palantir, Bilbo's quill and Frodo's one ring necklace.

In Tolkien's Middle Earth universe, hobbits are a distant race of humans. They are shorter, hairier and don't much like adventure. They enjoy life's simple pleasures and live a life similar to English country folk of the 1800s.
Tags: fantasy - dolldivine - azaleasdolls - the hobbit - lord of the rings - movies - book - male - couples - fabric customization - scene maker - 19th century - fandom - dolldivine collab - dnd - character creator - halfling - flash
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