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Check out some of the games that are coming down the pipeline!

Please note, completion dates are only rough estimates. Not all games will end up making it to release. I cannot give any more accurate estimates than these.

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Sailor Senshi Maker Update - anime dress up game
sailor moon dress up game Thanks to the crowd-funding efforts of Jessica Bridges, a long-awaited update to your favorite Sailor Moon doll maker is under production! =D
Programmer: Doll Divine
Artist: Drachea Rannak
Estimated Date: a few months
sailor senshi bows
sailor moon jewelry
ribbons and scarves
X-Girl - comic inspired dress up
x-girl comic dress up A superhero maker has been one of the most requested dolls of all time, and finally somebody is going to do it justice. Candy, from Candy's World, with my help, is creating a gorgeous and complex X-Girl dress up.
Programmers: Candy & Doll Divine
Artist: Candy (Candy's World)
Estimated Date: unknown
comic costume armor
comic girl glasses
finger appendages
Neptune's Daughter Expansion - fantasy dress up game
handsome merman In one of the most epic updates ever, a MERMAN will be added, entwining around Neptune's Daughter! Featuring the classic inkscribble style you guys already adore!
Programmer: Doll Divine
Artist: Inkscribble
Estimated Date: unknown
shoulder tattoos
musical instrument
torso fins
Star Trek Scene Maker - TV show doll maker
Star Trek Scene Maker Description: You'll be able to add male and female characters (human and alien) and dress them in any of the series' uniforms, from the original series, all the way up to the new movies.
Programmer: Doll Divine
Artist: Doll Divine & SinisterlySweet
Estimated Date: Unknown
Antelope Maker - animal maker
Antelope Maker Description: A maker where you'll be able to fully customize a hoofed mammal, with lots of beautiful horns, marking and fur options.
Programmer: TBD
Artist: dolphy
Estimated Date: Unknown
antelope spots and horns
grassland savannah
antelope antlers
Winx Maker - media-inspired doll maker
Winx Maker Preview A maker where you'll be able to create multiple Winx characters, and view them transforming all at once!
Programmer: TBD
Artist: KawaiiGames (heglys)
Estimated Date: Unknown
winx skirt fashion
winx shoes
winx hall background
Flutter Bug - Insect & Pony animal maker
My Little Pony maker Inspired by a set of adoptables that inkscribble created, the maker will merge the inspiring world of insects with the whimsy of My Little Pony!
Programmer: TBD
Artist: inkscribble
Estimated Date: Unknown
flutter bug moth wings
pony butterfly wings
intricate moth wings on pony
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