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Most Popular in Fantasy
Gem Garnet Gemsona Maker
lord of the rings dress up game LotR & Hobbit
chibi anime manga dress up game Chibi Maker
disney fairies pixie hollow dress up game Pixie Scene
game of thrones fantasy dress up game Game of Thrones
Neo Queen Serenity Sailor Senshi 3
mermaid doll custom creation game NeptunesDaughter
video game girl dress up RPG Heroine
Disney Princess dress up game Princess Maker
action heroine dress up game Action Heroine
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A collection of doll makers and dress up games encompassing high fantasy and science fiction. Roughly defined as games that are based on themes of magic and the supernatural, this includes both characters who use magic, such as witches and wizards, supernatural beings such as elves and fairies, and people (eg. princesses) who live in worlds where magical things happen. I love these games because by dressing up their characters, we are able to immerse ourselves in these mystical and imaginary worlds!
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