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The Tudors Henry VIII show dress up The Tudors
Sari design Indian fashion dress up game Sari Maker
french rococo dress up game Rococo Costume
Norwegian folklore dress up game Huldra Maker
Chinese princess dress up game Fair Princess
Viking Maker how to train your dragon dress up Viking Maker
Roman Lady Spartacus Greek dress up Roman Lady
Korean Queen Seondeok dress up game Korean Queen
Marie Antoinette dress up game Marie Antoinette
nordic fantasy dress up game Magia CC
Doll Makers and Dress Ups inspired by geographical regions
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The human race has an innate tendency to adorn and accent itself with our surroundings. The varied and colorful ways in which people have exercised this ability is full of endless wonder! Here you'll find dress up games that celebrate the diversity of world clothing and costume. Although games based on certain regions are more common, I do one day hope to showcase a robust collection of games representing much more of the world. Although I haven't made that many folk costume themed games, they are some of my favorite to work on. I take them very seriously and put an extensive amount of research into my production process. Enjoy your world tour, in clothes!
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