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Manga Creator - Rinmaru Halloween Special

Game by: PrinceOfRedRoses for Rinmaru Games

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OMG! Love this game by Rinmaru, featuring artwork by the talented Prince of Red Roses! This is a lovely and fun Halloween, manga creator! In this game you’ll be able to customize 4 of your OCs with halloween costumes! Ok, for the four characters you can select the genetics such as skin color uwu, eyes color and shape! Add vampire ears! Adorable anime manga face expressions and mouth shapes! Choose eyebrows, too! I love the variety of front and back hair! You can create all kinds of long and short hairstyles uwu! Mix and match, and color the hair, too! Female characters have an incredibly adorable and beautiful set of manga-style costumes: a comfy pastel sheep style outfit, a modern priestess or mage costume, maybe? One reminds me a lot to Princess Leia’s outfit, there’s also a Lolita, gothic vampire dress costume, a ghost wife maybe?, more Lolita dark dresses with chess patterns, maybe a pirate costume!, maybe a cute autumn dress outfit in orange to match with the pumpkins, a Halloween dress because the color palette matches with the Halloween colors! A Snow White costume is available as well! A police-themed costume! Is it maybe a flamenco Victorian SNK kinda outfit? No idea, but looks cute! Add Halloween-themed earrings such as pumpkin, bat, crucifix or star earrings and more! Add mini little vampire bat wings, angel wings, a lioness or wolf tail? Aww butterfly wings uwu! A cat tail maybe? Accessorize with spooky Halloween cat or key necklaces, a pair of glasses! Accessorize with kitty ears, a big red bow, a little black hat with a bow, an angel halo, pirate hats! Halloween pumpkin bucket for trick or treat, a Halloween kitty little basket, or maybe a steampunk, Victorian hat! A spooky Victorian or medieval dress, too! Fairy wings! Male characters have fun costumes such as a vampire Victorian count costume, a modern and dark vest, a black shirt and white tie, pirate costumes, casual dark jacket and t-shirt clothing, interesting outfits with chess patterns, medieval outfits, old west cowboy costume, and… is that some kind of mad max kinda costume? Most outfits are up to your imagination, too xD! Accessorize with demon horns, chess and playing-cards-themed hat, a pirate hat, a black hat with black and red chess patterns, a cute green hat like the one Luigi and Mario wear xD, maybe you want to add steampunk goggles, add a set of arrows or one of those huge heavy swords! There’s also the option of a black hat with bunny ears uwu! And a pair of glasses uwu! The male character on the right can hold a cool Halloween pumpkin from different angles! Or perhaps a super adorable sheep or whatever that cutie is! OMG It’s wearing a witch hat! this game is so adorable! The male character can have bunny or kitty ears uwu! Add Halloween-themed backgrounds, frames, and drag and drop stickers with all kinds of spooky patterns! Mix and match to get the perfect team of four for a Halloween costume party! Enjoy and have fun!

Tags: school days - shoujo - manga creator - rinmaru - princeofredroses - fantasy - historical - europe - traditional dress - magicians - mage - witches - fashion - halloween - seasonal - anime - male - scene maker - anthro - neko - vampires - dark - character creator - ruffle - princess - pirates - gothic - couples

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