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ewel of the Nile ~ Egyptian Regal Fashion

Game by: Azaleas's Dolls and Doll Divine

Dress up a young queen in Ancient Egypt. Drape yourself in beautiful linens in classic or sheer weaves. Choose a palette of jewel tones or pastels. Embellish your look with gold and precious stones. Paint your face with make up. You can even cradle a baby or wield the powerful crook & flail of the pharaohs. Experiment with draping the way the Ancient Egyptians did, by layering various fabrics together. Finally, choose from an immersive set of hand painted backgrounds, for your beautiful princess to stroll through.

It's hard to believe that it took SO long for me and/or Azalea to tackle this classic topic but it was well worth the wait, hopefully? Ancient Egypt is one of those topics that entrances children from a young age. And I can now say from experience, that even researching it in adulthood, it doesn't get any more boring! The incredible advances of Egyptian society are endlessly fascinating. The clothing changes through history as well, as new techniques were developed. For example, in time sheer linen became possible and therefore fashionable, which was embellished with pleating. The jewelry rivalled anything we can make nowadays, in both function and beauty. Something interesting that I learned were that the 'crook & flail' that pharaohs are often depicted with represent that the pharaoh is both the shepherd and the punisher to his people. Look for it in the game!

I had so much fun deciding on colors for the fabrics. The mix and matching is divine. Because of the new meiker format, the choices have to be somewhat limited compared to the 72 swatch palettes of before. But I hope you enjoy the selection here. Mix sheers with solids and patterns and beading. The ancient egyptians were skilled beadsmen and you can get a taste of that in this dress up game.

Tags: fantasy - magicians - mage - meiker - picrew - mobile - dolldivine - dolldivine and azalea - azaleasdolls - princess - mega hits - africa - egypt - antiquity - historical - traditional dress - babies - royalty - dolldivine collab - goddess - character creator - afro hair

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