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About Doll Divine
Doll Divine is a dress up games website created and run by Ola Rogula. It was created in 2002 as a quality place for dollers of all ages to let their imaginations run wild!

Doll Divine Principles:
1. Quality content
2. Respect for artists
3. Fantasy
4. Open-Mindedness
5. Equal beauty across all races

Doll Divine Principles Applied:
1. No matchy-matchy sets
2. No pixel-hunting, clothes snap into place
3. No racial "default", most games start with randomized features

Technical Details:
The older, most robust, games were made in Adobe Flash, now known as Adobe Animate. The newer games are html5, many made with the meiker dress up game system.

Thanks for your visit, and have fun!

dolls of different races
An example of the variety of looks that can be achieved in most dolls at Doll Divine

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