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Centaur Maker

Game by: Doll Divine Dress Up Games

Where centaurs come from: Centaurus, son of the god Apollo, was born deformed so he spent his time mating with horses, creating the centaur race. But don't worry! All you have to do to make centaurs is use this game.

The ancient arrowheads on the bottom-left change the background. To change the centaur, make sure you're inside the cave. The cave paintings are actually magical buttons! There are THREE body types of choose from. Centaur Maker is a fun and easy to use dress up game that lets you create many different types of animal centaurs. You can make cataurs that are part leopard, tiger or cougar. There are canitaurs, including wolf and fox species. You can choose from 3 different body types, and then add on horse, antelope, buffalo, giraffe or any other type of animal parts to create your very own unique character! There's even bear, Przewalski's horse, okapii, elk, cariboo, gemsbok antelope, llama or alpaca, wildebeest, bison, muskox and elephant. There are endless possibilities, so let your imagination run wild and see what kinds of amazing creatures you can come up with. Once you're done, share your creation with your friends and see who can make the most original and creative centaur of all! Centaur Maker is the perfect game for anyone who loves animals, creative design or just wants to have a bit of fun!

Tags: fantasy - dolldivine - dolldivine classic - centaur - anthro - weapons - warriors - multiple bodies - character creator - dnd - ruffle

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