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Deity of Clouds Chinese maiden
Game by: Doll Divine

I'm so proud to present to you a dress up game that's taken me months of research and hard work. This game features traditional hanfu clothing, which was in fashion in China for centuries before the take over by the Manchurians. There is currently a revival of the style going on in China, and I just found that so inspiring! I hope I did the style justice, although there is a bit of artistic liberty taken, considering that the subject in question is a (fantasy) deity or goddess. Enjoy!

In-game text: The Deity - Yun Zhong Jun was a deity featured in the poem "Jiu Ge" from the famous poetry anthology, "Chu Ci" (楚辭‧九歌), by ancient poet, Qu Yuan (屈原).

The Clothing - This game features ancient Chinese Hanfu ("clothing of the Han people"). It was popular in China until the take over by the Qing dynasty, which enforced styles that many westerns are more familiar with, such as the qipao. Ancient hanfu is thought to be the precursor to the better known Japanese kimono.

The Artwork - The inspiration for the art style came from the beautiful illustrations of Hua Sanchuan (華三川 1930-2004), in particular his "Book of 100 Beauties".

Tags: dolldivine - fantasy - folk - asia - hanfu - angels - china - babies - fabric customization - deities - antiquity - historical - medieval - dolldivine classic - brush mode

Chinese Goddess

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