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1. When will the _____ doll be finished?
I don't know and I can't estimate. Doll making is full of surprise problems and glitches and it's impossible to estimate. Games have taken anywhere from a month, to eight months to finish. I do this job full-time, but I am having babies and this is proving to be suboptimal for productivity. Please do not contact me for estimates as I will just link you back to this page ;)


2. What will happen to the Flash games?
I don't know exactly, to be honest, but I promise to keep trying things until I figure out a good solution. I've tried html5 and I hated it. I tried apps and I hated that too. Currently the plan is to convert the simpler games to the Dress Up Doll Meiker format and re-release the more complex games as "AIR for Desktop" downloadables. I'm also just hoping that someone comes up with a Flash Player alternative eventually ^^;

UPDATE: Newgrounds has announced their own Flash Player!!! Please try it out and let me know if you find this to be a viable alternative. And if so, please let me know and I'll promote it site-wide soon!


3. What happened to accounts and subscriptions?
Accounts were a bit too intense for me to maintain, so I had closed them for 2017. Thanks to mass protests by awesome members, I re-opened them briefly, but I've had to close them yet again as it was just getting too overwhelming, especially with all this Flash stuff happening. I invite everyone to come join me in sharing their dolls on the Doll Making Facebook Group and Pinterest!


4. How do I save dolls?
New, meiker format dolls have a built-in saving button. Exclusive Doll Divine Flash games have dedicated Save/Download buttons inside the menu. These save images the best, so look for them if they're available. If not, a lot of older, or non-exclusive games, have new grey circle & half-circle buttons on the top-left of games. The circle will save an image of the entire game to your computer.
If you don't see the grey buttons, or they don't work, you have to PrintScreen an image the old school way


5. Can I use/sell the dolls for adoptables/prints/avatars?
Free use, avatars, sharing? Yes, but you must link back to the game.
Selling the art? Yes, if it is a doll made entirely by me ("Doll Divine Classic"). If it was a collaboration with another artist, you have to seek them out and get their permission too. If it's a game by Kamirah, you may sell adoptables with it. You must link back to the game you used. However, if the game doesn't have a DollDivine link inside at all, it was made by someone else entirely and you need to contact them for permission.


6. I saw someone stealing your art!
Kindly ask them to link to me if they haven't. Other than that, don't worry, I probably don't mind.


7. Do you take requests?
No, but I keep a list of suggestions because I find them interesting.


Thanks for your visit, and have fun!

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