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Glitter Cure Dress up anime girls
Game by: Doll Divine

This game is VERY MUCH under construction!!! Subscribed Doll Divine supporters are currently testing this game to prepare it before the final release. If you want to try this in-progress version right now, please consider supporting Doll Divine by becoming a Doll Divine Supporter ~OLa

July 19 - added Fast Forward buttons, added preset poses, added ability to flip hands

Previous Updates - added back bows, added chest ornaments and necklines, added corset buttons, added belts, finished eyes, added eyes, added age toggle, started adding eyes, added brows, noses, lips, lipsticks, tweaked skin colors, added hair, added animal ears, tails, added necklaces, tiaras, tweaked hair ombre, added fingerless gloves, fixed tights waistline, removed bottom line from blouses (to allow bodysuit creation), added skirt reset button, moved pigtails up a touch, added pouffy shorts, added freckles, made lipstick menu dynamic, fixed torso glitch (hopefully?), separated laces and buttons from corset trim, fixed floating ombre glitch, added bandeau, fixed hair glitches (try 2!), fixing torso glitch (try 2), tweaked menu, added background colours, added posing reset button, added hair draggies, tweaked draggie sparkles, moved draggies after posing, added lolita skirts, added plain draggie shapes, made shadows on draggie bows work, improved leg overlap glitch, especially when using socks (not ideal but better)

Tags: dolldivine - dolldivine classic - japan - fashion - lolita - kawaii - anime - magical girl - sailor moon - pretty cure

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