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God Tier: Homestuck Dress Up

Game by: Em's Dress Up Games

I know how much some of you guys enjoy Homestuck, so I wanted to show you this super cute game! I don't even really know what it is lol, but apparently it's like the world's longest comic so I doubt I'll be able to catch up anytime soon. Something about a video game, right? So from what I understand, this dress up lets you dress up for leveling up in the game from the comic. You can make both kids and trolls, and I know how much you guys like those cool yellow horns, so here you go! Here are some of Em's notes for the game:

"When choosing your God Tier, I suggest choosing your ASPECT first! Otherwise the colours will be all weird and silly, but it doesn't entirely matter, since they'll be correct anyway! There's an extra class (Star) and two extra Aspects (Speed and Frost). Frost is my own design!"

Tags: fantasy - comics - homestuck - video games - em's dress ups - male - fandom - elves

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