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Rinmaru Manga Creator - Fantasy World Page 4

Game by: milyKnight for Rinmaru Games

Lovely scene creator by Rinmaru! Featuring wonderful artwork by milyKnight! In this game you’ll be able to create your own manga fantasy scene where you can make two of your own female and male original characters in a fantasy medieval set uwu! Start with the genetics such as skin tones, eyes shape, mouth shape and eye color! You can also choose eyebrows shape and a red mark on her face. Then you can choose the hairstyle where you can mix and match front and back hair to create multiple combinations of long and short hairstyles! Color them, too! Choose a medieval style outfit! Adventure outfits, with a cape, more of a princess medieval Viking lady like outfit, perhaps a knight soldier armor outfit, a mage or sorcerer outfit, and more! Add accessories such as feathers, medieval celtic ornament necklaces, magic potions and a spell book!, or a dagger if you’re more of a rogue type, an axe if you are a fierce warrior, or maybe a magic crosier if you are magician or priestess, a sword if you are a manga anime warrior knight, an arrow if you’re an archer! You can even add speech bubbles to create a dialogue between the two characters. Add expressions such as hehe and sniff sniff lol. Add filters like a sepia filter! As for the genetics for the male character it’s the same process: skin tones, eyes, mouth shape, but you can have the character sit on different objects like a tree, a rock, a barrel, or on a bunch of straw, as long as he can play comfortably his banjo if that’s the name of the instrument xD. He can have medieval pirate casual outfits, or a mystical medieval royalty outfit with golden stuff or ornaments, elegant medieval male outfit, or even elfic style clothing or outfits. Accessorize with a dagger, a medieval hat with blue feathers, and interesting medieval necklaces! You can add speech bubbles, expressions and filters here! Place your characters in different magical mystic classic fantasy medieval scenarios, places, backgrounds! Such as a wooden inn, a small town, a fairy forest or in the magic elf woods, is that a potions store? I don’t know. Both characters can be in the same location or in a different place. Create your own medieval fantasy story with your own original characters or OCs!

Tags: rinmaru - anime - manga creator - fantasy world - kids - scene maker - ruffle

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