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Pixie Scene Makerdisney fairies pixie hollow dress up game
Game and Art by: Doll Divine & Azalea's Dolls
Second star to the right, and straight on till morning! Fly to Neverland and explore the land of magical fairies. Create both female pixies and sparrowmen (male fairies). This game is an expansion of Azalea's wonderful Tinkerbell dress up game.
I had so much fun working on this game! Thank you to Azalea, and a big thanks to all the beta testers. I want you to know that there were lots of wonderful clothing and accessory suggestions that I did want to add but I had to draw a line somewhere or I'd be working on this forever. Stuff like tattoos for boys, spiderweb necklaces and a sorting quiz are ideas I loved but couldn't squeeze in. Enjoy designing your magical characters!
Tags: dolldivine - dolldivine and azalea - azaleasdolls - fairises - scene maker - male - couples - disney princess - fantasy - mega hits - disney - babies - fandom - book - peter pan - movies

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