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Prehistoric Avatar

Game by: Pichichama for RinmaruGames

Well, it looks like they might be starting some sort of world history series over at Rin's. Or at least, I hope so! Starting at the beginning, here is a very unique game for creating cute cavegirls! The dress up game has a lot of fun with hairstyles, mixing up different textures, and cuts. There's even some stereotypical caveman styles with the bones weaved in, haha. Dress your lady in an array of ragged furs and leathers and adorn her with bone jewelry and horns. Finally, put something primal in her hands, like a drumstick, club, or other primitive tools. I tried to make a proto human for the thumbnail pic, but there's so much conflicting information out there. Now even the out-of-Africa theory is being disputed, who can keep up?

Tags: anime - avatar maker - rinmaru - prehistoric - antiquity - manga - pichichama - tribal - historical

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