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Aataveith Character Creator

Game by: elequinoa

Believe it or not, this was Elequinoa's FIRST ever dress up game meiker! It features the beautiful universe of Aataveith, all of her own creation. You can get lost for hours, just trying to craft a hairstyle alone. There are so many incredibly drawn hair bits to choose from, as well as lovely facial features and skin tones. The clothing is beautiful beyond words, with underwear, tops, bottoms, gowns and coats etc that can be mixed, matched and layered. There is a seemingly infinite number of items, many coming in multiple colors, so please be patient using the randomizer and clicking around. Finally, accessorize your girl with elemental powers, weapons, books, flowers and more. Is she a rogue or a mage? Friend or foe? Please enjoy.

Tags: elequinoa - meiker - mobile - magicians - fantasy - princess - royalty - elements - elemental - warriors - weapons - aataveith - medieval - mage - rogue

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