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Marceline and Princess Bubblegum

Adventure Girls

Flash Game

This classic game was made in Flash and is not yet compatible with the Ruffle Flash Emulator (but it will be!). You can still play it on a computer. Check out my article on getting Flash Player to work in 2023 and FlashPoint. Click the link to either play or download the game file (depending on whether you have Flash or Ruffle running or not):

SWF File: Adventure Girls

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Adventure Time Girls

Game by: Adventure Time Character Creators

All your favorite female Adventure Time characters are here! Marceline the Vampire Queen, Princess Bubblegum, Finn's genderbend, Fionna, and the Flame Princess. Or I should say, all your favorite humanoid characters are here, because I'm sure we all miss Lumpy Space Princess ;)
You can dress up and choose a hairstyle for all four girls, but only one at a time. So make sure you save each look before moving on to another character! Each character has a selection of fun hairstyles, and awesome clothes based on their personality and wholly appropriate for adventuring in the Land of Ooo. Which girl here is your favorite to dress up?

Save for Uploading: The easiest way is to dress a girl, press "Finish", and press the grey half-circle button in the top-left.
With more effort, but with better results, you can click "Finish", then "Save" on the bottom. You'll then have to take the image to an editing program and crop it to 400x600 as it will be huge (which is good if you need it for other uses).

Tags: fantasy - tv shows - adventure time - princess - cartoons - fandom - flash

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