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Female Adventurer Meiker

Game by: Doll Divine Dress Up Games'

A re-mastered, mobile-friendly version of the classic game, Adventurer Maker. Humanity has always had a romanticized view of the adventurer: someone who is exploring a land that is new and unknown. Of course, the irony is that often this land is inhabited, and very well known, just not to them. But politics aside, one can't deny the evergreen fascination with the genre. Some classic Euro-centric tropes include the exploration of ancient Egyptian ruins, of the Orient, of the mountains and of the Americas. There are even modern twists such as exploring the unknowns of science in works like Jurassic Park. There is just something in us that compels us to uncover what's hidden. Some of my favorites (and I don't claim that they're necessarily "good" lol) include the character of Lara Croft, The Mummy series and Indiana Jones. The fun comes in when it's time to dress up and prepare for the adventure. There are so many things to consider! Temperature, weight, breathability, waterproofing, air resistance and well, of course, fashion. Do you wear a fedora, aviator hat, or beret? Do you pack a rifle, camera, or whip? Does camo match with worn leather or does it just look more fierce? You decide in this adventuring dress up game!

Tags: fantasy - video games - tomb raider - weapons - warriors - dolldivine - dolldivine classic - 20th century - historical - 1930s - movies - lara croft - fandom - meiker - picrew - mobile - character creator - afro hair

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