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Rinmaru Video Game Avatar Creator V 2.0

Game by: Rinmaru Games

Create YOUR OWN ORIGINAL FEMALE CHARACTER, fierce, magical, powerful. Create your own fantasy stories and develop your characters! Start by customizing the genetics; choose the skin color & eyes shape. You can even reduce the eyes size and the distance between them, as well as the height and more! You can change the lips, mouth size as well as the position and color it! Choose your favorite lipstick. Then we have the nose shape which you can also change the size and position of. Add eye shades, make up & aging or muscles. Add sad tears, blush, freckles, face scars and face tattoos, as well as a set of body tattoos from different styles and cultures like tribal, pirate, ancient Japanese or Chinese folklore tattoos. Change the eyebrow shape and color! Mix and match pigtails, upper extensions, bangs, lower extensions, and hair bottoms to create cool manga anime warrior female hairstyles. The clothing is just as awesome and extensively customizable! You can even choose the genre or type of medieval fantasy character you want your character to be: Bard, Warrior, Guardian, Healer, Black Mage, Gunner or BeastMaster! Add beautiful jewelry such as earrings with different interesting medieval and mystical designs, as well as necklaces with gold and gems! This game is so rich in fantasy medieval options. Now if you choose a warrior you can pick of course medieval armory, as well as dark or light knight armory, handwrists, and dark evil or light warrior helmets and armored boots and heels, and related warrior accessories. Healers have softer armory with beautiful elfish and floral ornaments like headbands, and floral boots and heels, and the accessories are so angelical! As for Black Mage category, you have lighter items but dark gothic aesthetics, such as horns and a witch hat, the tops and bottoms are also dark gothic, even the accessories are way more obscure such as demon wings, crows, spiders, vampire style necklaces and dark earrings, evil orbs, snakes and more! Create dark mages or necromancers with this category! Gunners have more of a steampunk and Victorian clothing style. Add captain pirate Victorian hats as well as black long hats, or steampunk hats, boots and heels! Beastmasters have more of a fierce rough barbarian style of clothing, add demon horns and tribal barbarian accessories, add a piece of meat and chains or a whip as accessories and other barbarian tribe jewelry! YOU CAN EVEN add an animal companion such as a bear, a tiger and a wolf! Place your character in an awesome dungeons and dragons style background such as a warrior inn, a castle hallway, a magical tree house in the woods at night, in the elf woods forest, or just a brown textured background!!

Tags: flash classics - rinmaru - anime - fantasy - elves - dwarves - royalty - medieval - ruffle - anthro - character creator - dnd - warriors - tattoos - animals - rpg - weapons - magicians - historical - dark - armor - mage - elements - goddess - 19th century - steampunk - fairies - ethereal - princess - victorian - europe - video games

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