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Dragon maker flash game

Draconis Sirexus

Flash Game

This classic game was made in Flash and is not yet compatible with the Ruffle Flash Emulator (but it will be!). You can still play it on a computer. Check out my article on getting Flash Player to work in 2022 and FlashPoint. Click the link to either play or download the game file (depending on whether you have Flash or Ruffle running or not):

SWF File: Draconis Sirexus

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Draconis Siirexus ~ Dragon Maker

Game by: emryswolf & Doll Divine

On her deviantArt gallery, EmrysWolf has created a beautiful collection of drawings called "Siirexian Dragons". This game was largely inspired by her beautiful dragon creations. However, her drawings are so intricate and precise that these creatures could very well be believable dinosaur species.
Instructions: Click on a dragon to edit that dragon. Click on the page fold in the top-right corner to change the backgrounds. The last few panels of dragon/dinosaur options contain drag and drop pieces. Your dragon cannot be moved while on the drag and drop pages.

Tags: animals - dragons - fantasy - dolldivine - scene maker - dolldivine collab - flash

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