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Elemental Sorceress CreatorTattooed girl with pink hair
Game by: Missangest

A beautiful, classic fantasy themed dress up game featuring elementals! Create a powerful sorceress, queen or both. Let her wield one type of element or more: water, fire, earth, nature, ice, wind, air, lightning, energy.. Because the color of each item is completely customizable, you can even create rare or imaginary elements! As always in Missangest's games, there is a robust genetics section with beautiful body tones, eye colors, scars; everything you need to make a wicked character! The hair selection is fantastic, as always, with front, back, extra bits and custom ombre color for everything. There is cute and versatile tops, bottoms, and shoes. I do wish there was a ready jewelry menu... The four elements lend themselves so nicely to amazing jewels! Customize your witch with lots of drag and drop stuff, and at the end, you can completely choose her throne style, and what elements are spewing forth from it! Enjoy! =D

Tags: missangest - elements - fantasy - magicians - dark - wheelchairs

Beautiful elemental sorceress


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