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An absolutely fabulous doll maker courtesy of Featuring the artwork of the talented artist ummmmandy. Some of you might recognize her iconic style from the famous Picrew Girl Maker! Here is a full-doll dress up take, featuring funky clothes and colors from the 1960s and 1970s. One of the funnest parts of this game has gotta be the custom background creator tool! Mix and match psychadelic florals and geometric shapes for a unique look. Then delight in the clothing; high waists, high collars, rich floral prints, ruffles and more. Mix dresses, overalls, tops and skirts. Top the look with groovy jackets and vests. Accessorize with socks, stockings, platform shoes and fun glasses. Finally, top off your look with rich and fun filters and can be mixed together. Enjoy!

Tags: dress up games - fashion - retro - historical - 60s - 70s - 20th century - florals - prints - mobile - meiker

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