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Rinmaru JRPG Heroine: Warrior Creator

Game by: VeggieStudio for Rinmaru Games

Yay! I’m happy to introduce to you all this new scene-creator Rinmaru dress up game with artwork by VeggieStudio! In this original character creator manga anime style dress up game, you’ll be able to customize your own original character female heroine warrior!! Start with the skin tone where there’s more skin tones other than the human ones, give your character blue skin, purple skin, yellow skin, pink skin, blue skin, green skin or even grey skin! Woah uwu and many more! Add eyes shape and color! Many color options for your eyes available! Pick eyebrows, and mouth shape so you can choose his facial expression! Add some makeup such as eye shadow or lipstick, as well as some blush uwu. To give it that warrior fierce touch, add some face scars! Oh let’s not forget about that face tattoos, though! Tribal or floral themed tattoos! Add elf or dwarf ears if it’s a mythological female medieval warrior! Once you’re done, mix and match the front and back hair to create beautiful long and short hairstyles anime kawaii manga style! uwu Braids or ponytail! Then we have a wide variety of options for the outfits! Uwu Pick inner outfits such as a mini skirt, leggings too, a one-piece suit with fantasy manga anime clothing style. Add long and short sleeve gloves with cute warrior kawaii manga anime style. Choose strong good or evil dark gothic magical medieval fantasy epic armour, pauldrons, gauntlets, and helmets for your female warrior original character! You can also add pilot goggles, bandanas, feathers and bows to your female warrior. Add magical epic celestial warrior angelic boots for the battlefield! And what’s a warrior without a medieval warrior cape! Add all kinds of warrior tribe earrings to your female warrior original character! You’ll love the tribal fantasy epic magical elfic druid medieval warrior necklaces for your female warrior! Choose a powerful fierce manga anime viking medieval dark gothic weapon, from big swords to axes, a rapier, or a spear for your female warrior original character! You can also accessorise with a heart shield, a mini shield, a knife or magical manga anime medieval chains! You can add a piece of meat, a backpack, another sword!, a dark evil monster gauntlet, magic poisons or a magic staff! You can even add some glasses color them! Add a kitty cute pet as a companion! Place your original female warrior character with a fantasy medieval magical epic background such as in the woods, a medieval town, in a castle or dungeon and more! Create and have fun!

Tags: flash classics - jrps heroine - fantasy - videogames - rinmaru - veggiestudio - medieval - warriors - weapons - fandom - character creator - anime - manga - fantasy - elf - dwarf - rpg - gothic - fashion - dnd - viking - historical - europe - nordic - elves - anthro - ruffle - mobile

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