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Rinmaru's Chibi Maker

Game by: VeggieStudio for Rinmaru

Create chibi female characters, or even male, in this adorable mobile-friendly game! The menu is super user friendly, with a simplified menu on the right and bottom and scrollbars. Customize the genetics of your chibi girl, including skin tone, ear shape, tattoos, scars, face paint, blush, freckles, eyes, brows and lips. Mix and match front and back hairstyles and change the color. In fact, a lot of the categories have custom sliders for hue, opacity and saturation, giving the player powerful control over the colors! You can change the tops, bottoms, coats, socks, shoes and hats. Choose from various handheld items including cute, magical and powerful options. Strap on a sword, guitar or fish! Complement with a cute bag, glasses and place your chibi in a variety of beautiful anime scenes, straight out of a manga page. Kawaii!

Tags: rinmaru - veggiestudio - anime - chibi - fantasy - elves - fashion - magical girl - anthro - neko - aquatic - warriors - weapons - character creator - dnd - mobile - html5

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