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Dinogeddon Character Makerdinogeddon comic character maker
Game by: DollDivine
Art by: kayliesaurus-rex

I'm very proud to present the first dress up game that lets you choose from THREE body sizes! Featuring the edgy artwork of Kaylie McDougal, the game lets you create characters from her comic, Dinogeddon.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, dinosaurs roam the earth once more and rival, dino-riding gangs rule the land. Appropriately, the game features a wide selection of rough and tattered fashions. Layer boots with torn stockings and leggings, torn jeans, and bad ass jackets. Choose from an amazing selection of hairstyles (add streaks and ombre!), or create your own with drag and drop hair pieces. You can even drop in dinosaurs and apply filters to complete your creation.
Tags: fantasy - dolldivine - comics - science fiction - weapons - plus size - multiple bodies - cartoons - tattoos - post apocalyptic - dolldivine collab

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