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Manga Creator: Vampire Hunter Page 4

Game by: PrinceofRedRoses for Rinmaru Games

Yes! UWU! In this dress up game uwu by Rinmaru about vampires you can create a scene in a Victorian themed manga style. Choose the skin tones, eyes shape and color, eyebrows and mouth shape uwu. You can add blushes, tears or sweat lol! Add make up to the female character such as lipstick uwu. Choose from short to long hairstyles, back hair and front hair, mix and match to create cute anime or manga hairstyles :3 There are lots of hair color options for your original character’s hair uwu. Choose an outfit for your girl or female original character, she could be a mysterious or inoffensive nanny, nursemaid or maid. She could be a duchess or a princess maybe. I love this maid clothing with this Victorian manga style because it looks so classy and it reminds me of vampires and werewolves’ stories! Add all kinds of classy Victorian bows and nurse or maid head accessories. Choose cool gothic earrings such as cross or red diamond earrings and more! uwu Pick an elegant Victorian necklace such as a cross or a rood, a red gem necklace and more Victorian jewelry uwu. Add some small glasses. As for your male original character, customize him by starting with the genetics such as the skin tone, choose the eye shape and color as well as the lips shape. There are so many elegant Victorian style hairstyles for the male character, choose short or long hair, back and front, and mix and match to get a cool hairstyle for your handsome cute male original character uwu who could be a vampire or a werewolf uwu. Choose a classy and elegant Victorian military manga style outfit! You can even add a Japanese hakama kimono style elegant outfit. Accessorize your male character with all kinds of black Victorian hats, earrings, gothic necklaces such as crucifixes, crosses, a David star. Add a monocle or classy glasses. Once you’re done, choose a background and place your characters in a medieval gothic and dark castle passage, a medieval town, in the spooky woods at night, a palace, a Japanese temple or mansion, or even in a dungeon! All you need to create a cool Victorian era scene! Don’t forget the speech bubbles to create a dialogue or give context to the scene you’re CREATING! Have fun uwu!

Tags: vampire hunter - rinmaru - vampire hunter - princeofredroses - manga creator - anime - fantasy - historical - 19th century - scene maker - ruffle - couples

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