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The Fabulous Pony MakerThe Fabulous Pony Maker
Game by: Hasbro
A simple yet powerful My Little Pony maker, which lets you make g4 ponies (Friendship is Magic). You can choose from four bodies, lots of colors, and there's a wonderful selection of facial features, hairstyles and accessories. The Equestria backgrounds are very beautiful, and everything is quite easy to use. There is an awesome assortment of horns for unicorns, and wings for pegasuses. I tried making Rainbow Dash for the icon first, but there wasn't a rainbow hair option. Then I tried making Princess Celestia, but I ran into the same multi-colored hair issue, hehe. So this is supposed to be Princess Luna, although I was disappointed that there wasn't long, flowy hair! How am I supposed to make Princess ponies? XD But there are loads of other awesome customization options which make this game totally awesome. I see some options from the Mane Six in there, but I don't know if all their hairstyles are there. If you feel like getting dizzy, there's a Randomizer button to make craaazy pony characters. Have fun!
Tags: my little pony - g4 - equine - animals - ponies - tv shows - fandom


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