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Rinmaru SNK Cosplayer - Dress Up Game

Game by: PrinceOfRedRoses for Rinmaru Games

What a cool SNK, anime-style, dress up game and character creator by Rinmaru, featuring artwork by PrinceOfRedRoses! Uwu In this dress up, you can customize your own female original character! With outfits and clothing based on the famous manga Shingeki no Kioyi or also known as Attack on Titan! Start by choosing the genetics such as skin tones, freckles! Add blush, sweat and a scar! Choose the mouth shape, eyebrows and eye color! Each eye can have a different color! Choose hair tops, hair bottoms, which can be long and short!, All kinds of ponytails and spikes, and extra hair, kinda like extensions uwu! Mix and match to create really cool manga anime Shingeki no Kioyi hairstyles! Choose a top! A shirt, long sleeve or sleeveless shirt, a t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt!, Choose a vest with a different insignia! Add accessories such as cute bows, scarfs, cat ears, bunny ears, roses headband, goggles, glasses, eye patches, key necklace, rose necklace, cross necklace, skull necklace and more! Choose 12 different SNK background stages!! Enjoy and have fun!

Tags: rinmaru - manga creator - anime - princeofredroses - fantasy - character creator - ruffle - fandom - cartoons - superheroes - comics - fantasy - science fiction - movies - anthro

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