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Note: This game DOES currently work with Ruffle, but is very complex and may time out on slower connections or restricted browsers. I recommend reloading or Firefox.

Vampire Couple - Rinmaru Dress Up Game

Game by: Rinmaru Games

Woah this is a fun spooky game by Rinmaru! In this game, you can create your own vampire couple, make some of your original vampire OCs a couple and create your own love story! I love vampire love stories lol! First you can start with either the male or female, choose eyes shape and color, lips, skin tone, tears, blush, freckles or a bit of blood… cuz vampires xD, right? Oh you can choose the nails color! The male character can have some cool pop culture tattoos such as a Chinese character or a gothic cross, or just black nails. Then we have the hairstyles! These are a bit too 2000s but they look great and keep the manga vibe lol. What I love is that there is a really wide variety of hairs and color! So cool! Another great thing about this is that you can customize your own clothes, pick your top and mix and match patterns and colors for everything! Uwu! Skirts, jeans, jackets, blouses, and more! The female character has a wide variety of gothic dresses to choose from. Woah, you will love the long coat Matrix style for the male and female in the section that is after the dresses. The male character only wears 4 different types of footwear, some boots, shoes, sneakers, and the girl can wear cute Lolita tights, heels, shoes and boots. Time for the accessories! Uwu Pick a cool black Victorian style hat, gothic themed jewelry such as cross shape earrings, a red gem or even a blood bottle lol… cuz vampires? Xd Add some elegant gloves and demon wings! If you wanna go extreme Lolita there is maid style bag, too. Lol. If you are into weird relationship stuff you can make your female character hold her boyfriend with a strap. Click on the numbers 1, 2 and three to change background! Some really romantic options with the moon and all. Mix and match and create romance story like Twilight, or whatever. Have fun!

Tags: rinmaru - couples - seasonal - dark - vampires - fantasy - halloween - fashion - ruffle - 21st century - 2000s - character creator

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