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Car Breeder: Organic Car Design App

Game by: Doll Divine

It's hard to take your fantasy car design from mind to paper. By "breeding" existing car models, you can fine-tune your design simply by clicking on the "offspring" that most appeal to you. Then streamline your dream car by breeding in completely different models, or the offpsring to each other or whatever you want! The possibilities are endless...

I made this game when I was just learning Flash at an evening course. I wasn't really interested in cars until it came time to buy my first one. I became fascinated with all the different car body designs and options available. But, not being very technical, I found it hard to design my own dream car from scratch. So, I thought it'd be neat if you could sort of, take a bit of this, and a bit of that.. and organically find out what styles appeal to you! I'm so proud of how this game came out, especially considering that I knew so little Flash programming at the time!

Instructions: Click on "Import Cars" on the top left. Drag two cars into the two breeding slots, and press the Heart. Your cars will then "breed" and produce 12 offspring. If anyone is interested, the game actually uses real Mendelian genetics (the cars are haploid). At any time, you can take any car and drag it into the "test drive" slot on the top right. This will show you the car in more detail, as it drives down a road. You can take your new child cars and drag them to the slots on the right to save them. You can dispose of cars by dragging them into the garbage bin. You can then proceed to breed any cars to each other. You can thusly customize the car's color, design, rims, windows and even the presence of a body kit!

Current models available for breeding: Hummer, MINI Cooper, Honda Civic, Lotus, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Ford Mustang, Mazda3, Toyota Yaris and Ford Windstar (In case you need to breed in room for the kids!).

Tags: cars - breeding games - games - design - dolldivine - dolldivine classic - ruffle - mobile

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