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Deluxe Pin Up Maker50s Pin Up Dress Up Game
Game by: Doll Divine
Art by: kinkei
In this sequel to the original Pin Up Maker, you can make a truly unique lady. Drag and drop tattoos, add hair extensions, and choose from a wider array of retro backgrounds.

Originally, the sequel to the first Pin Up Maker was going to be a lingerie maker; a game which lets your design your own underwear. But kinkei found that you just couldn't get enough variety to make a robust dress up. The artwork evolved into more fabulous retro styles. I thought to keep it different, maybe we should put a bit of an edgy spin on it. I noticed it's something big stars like Katy Perry were rocking as of late. It also seems to me like modern pin ups and rockabillies are a bit edgier than their post-war predecessors. More tattoos, more dark make up, more empowerment.

This was the first time I attempted the drag and drop tattoo technique. It was very tricky to implement because the tattoos had to be visible everywhere at first, and only be limited to the body once dropped. But I eventually figured it out and I'm overjoyed that you guys are loving it as much as I am!

I have heard that real pin up celebrities of our day are enjoying creating looks with this game and I am absolutely overjoyed!!!

Tags: fashion - pin up - dolldivine - kinkei - fabric customization - rockabilly - tattoos - 20th century - historical - 1950s - dolldivine collab - character creator - flash
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