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The best collection of free, online character maker games to bring your OC's to life! Featuring male and female, full body avatar makers with both fantasy and modern fashion themes.
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Mobile friendly character creator games and apps. Re-create the fictional characters from your stories and fan fictions. Visualize what your OCs look like without knowing how to draw. Bring your Dungeons & Dragons characters to life. You can make your own male, female and non-binary characters. All of these games let you customize the genetics of your persona or avatar including changing the skin tone, hair style, hair color, eye color, nose shape and more. A few character customizing apps even let you change the body size and shape! The best and most complete list of free character creators online. With this collection of the best make a chracter games, you can make a person from scratch, for free, then take a screenshot to save your character.
What are character creators?
Character creators or "makers" are tools that allow you to customize every aspect of a realistic or fantasy male or female character. There are used by people looking for new profile pictures or by writers looking to visualize their original characters.
How can I create my character?
Online character creators are the best way to quickly visualize how an original character might look in real life, whether in a fantasy or modern setting. Websites such as Doll Divine, Picrew, Meiker and Dress Up Games have extensive lists of free online character makers.
What are the best free female character creators?
- Weekend at the Overlook
- Dress Up Schmess Up
- Soft Girl Aesthetic
- Y2K Fashion
- Sukebancore
- Casual & Cozy
- Assassin Dollmaker
- Groovy Retro
- Vintage Western
What are the best free male character creators?
- Casual Magic Maker
- Fairytale Duet
- Costume Creator IX
- Male Warrior
- Fairytale Duet M/M
- Avatar Scene Maker
- Make the Yuletide
- Vampire Maker
- Merfolk Creator
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